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Welcome to dataPOD, the dissemination Platform for Operational Data, supporting innovative research, projects and product development.

At ORE Catapult we design, manage and undertake a wide range of innovation projects and work with partners across the sector. Much of the data arising from these projects can be shared with academics, researchers and the wider community in pursuit of growth opportunities in renewable energy. At dataPOD you can browse the data collections we hold and request access to them for your projects.

You can request any number of data collections in the dataPOD catalogue, and for any monthly timeseries subset that is available for the collection. You will receive all measures in a collection for the requested period.

Samples of each data collection are available for you to download to help you understand if the collection is right for your needs.

There will usually be a charge to cover the costs of providing the data. Some collections are significantly larger than others, such as 1-second measurement data vs. 10-minute averaged data. A typical request for a 10-minute data collection would be priced at £120. We will discuss the data delivery charges and methods of payment with you after you have submitted your request.

A request may represent a very large volume of data, so we will discuss with you the best way to deliver the data.

You will be asked to review and agree to certain terms and conditions (for each requested collection) in order to submit your request. The T&Cs will describe whether any special arrangements, such as a Non-Disclosure Agreement, would be necessary for us to supply the data to you. We will discuss any such arrangement with you.

When you have chosen the data collections and time periods you are interested in we will ask you to briefly describe what you intend to use the data for. When you have submitted your request, we will endeavour to respond to you about the delivery of your request within 3 working days. 

While we cannot guarantee we will be able to provide data in all circumstances, we will work with you to understand your requirements and where our resources and experience can help.

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Data collections

Data from operational assets can be obtained from ORE Catapult. On this page each collection is described, and various filtering options are available to focus your search. You can read more to find out in detail about all the measures and data points available.